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Work Services

This 100% county funded program is sometimes called “sheltered workshop” or “organizational employment services”, depending on whose terms are used.  This is a facility-based program offering work to individuals who either don’t want to work in the community or, for some reason, cannot work in the community.  We contract with local businesses to do work for them, using our facilities and our work force.  We have a Department of Labor Certificate that allows us to pay less than minimum wage.  We pay our workers an hourly rate or a piece rate.  DOL regulates us very carefully and we have to meet stringent standards and requirements to be sure that we pay consumers fairly.  Consumers in this program are considered “client/employees”, not regular employees.

Pre Vocational Services (PreVoc)

This is an MR Waiver program that replaces Work Services for all individuals who are eligible.   Many of our consumers have been switched from Work Services and 100% county funding to PreVoc services.  The documentation and service requirements are far more stringent and time-consuming than for Work Services.  This is not just a “work program”; it is a program that provides training designed to increase the skill sets that consumers have and that they could bring to employment in the community.
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