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Member of the Iowa Association of Community Providers

Innovative Industries, CARE and Support Services of South Central Iowa employ over 80 full and part-time staff in their various programs.  Job descriptions for each position detail essential functions, job requirements, education or experience requirements and typical duties.  Each staff member participates in a performance evaluation process once each year.

Education or experience qualifications depend on the position and are determined by licensure, regulations, best practice and the needs of the consumers who are to be served.  In-service training is provided to staff on a regular basis in First Aid, CPR, behavior intervention techniques, Mandatory Reporter requirements, documentation and safety issues, as well as many other areas.  Attendance at seminars, conferences and professional conventions is encouraged and supported financially.   Innovative Industries and William Eadie Residential Services encourage individual staff members to continuously improve their skills and expand their areas of expertise.

In some situations, consumers are included in the hiring process and have significant input.  In others, their input is sought as appropriate.  To the extent possible, consumers can choose the staff members who work directly with them.

Innovative Industries, Inc.

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