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William Eadie Residential Services, Inc., dba CARE, is a private, not-for-profit subsidiary of Innovative Industries, Inc.  Union County owns the buildings and leases them to Innovative Industries.  William Eadie Residential Services, Inc. provides the management services through a management lease between Union County and Innovative Industries. 

CARE is comprised of two buildings, each licensed by the State of Iowa as a Residential Care Facility in accordance with Chapter 135C of the Iowa Code.  CARE’s governing body is the Board of Directors of William Eadie Residential Services.  CARE also has an advisory board which consists of individuals receiving services, a member of the Board of Directors, a member of the Care Review Committee and family members of individuals receiving services. 

Services include 24/7 supervision by trained staff, including medical staff, personal/home skills training, individual advocacy services, community skills training, personal environment support services, medical/treatment services, recreation/leisure education and transportation services.  Individuals living at CARE receive individual programming based on their personal choices and the recommendations of their disciplinary team.

Support Services of South Central Iowa

SS of SCI is a Limited Liability Corporation jointly owned by Innovative Industries and Nishna Productions, Inc. of Red Oak and Shenandoah.  It is located in Greenfield, with offices on the Square and an apartment for three residents behind the office.  Sherri Clark and Jean Rommes comprise the Board of Managers for SS of SCI and report to their respective Boards regarding the organization and its activities. There is a Program Manager, a Team Leader and a number of direct services staff who work for SS of SCI.   SS of SCI provides Home and Community Based Waiver Support Services (HCBS) to individuals in their own homes.   There are two sites where the individuals receive services 24/7.  Other individuals receive as little as four hours of service per week.  The consumers choose the things they want to work on and SS of SCI staff provide the supports they need to meet their goals.  In all cases, the individuals are responsible for paying for their own living costs (food, shelter, cable, phone and personal expenses).  The Federal government and the counties pay for the cost of the support services.

The Board of Managers has agreed that it is appropriate for Innovative to buy out Nishna’s share of SS of SCI.  A proposal has been prepared and presented to the Boards of both entities at their January, 2007 meeting.

Innovative Industries, Inc.

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