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Setting Individual Service Goals

Each individual who attends or participates in a program is asked what they want to accomplish by participating. This is one of the first questions we ask, especially to the individual, but also to parents, guardians, Case Managers, other service providers involved with the individual and anyone else who has a vested interest. One reason for asking, or course, is to determine whether we can help the individual achieve what (s)he wants to achieve.

The other reason for asking is to give us direction in helping the individual plan the activities (s)he wants to participate in; activities that are designed to help in achieving the goals the individual has set. Each individual’s program is specially tailored to the individual’s goals and agreed to at the beginning of services, along with an estimated time that services will last. For some people, services will be provided on a long-term basis; for others, a short time frame is appropriate. What will constitute progress is determined at the beginning of services and progress is measured on a regular basis. The time frame for reporting progress is agreed to at the beginning of services, but can be changed if circumstances change.

The individual planning process is an on-going, fluid process that changes as the needs, wishes and desires of the individual change. It is our goal to offer services and programs that will help individuals meet their goals and become more independent in both their work and living environment.

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