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HCBS Supported Employment Enclaves/Crews

Home and Community Based Waiver Programs include Enclaves and Crews in their Supported Employment program.  We currently have about ten individuals who receive services through this funding source.  All of them are on our janitorial crews.  They all put in approximately four to eight hours of work in an evening.

Janitorial Crews

The janitorial crews are funded either through the counties or the MR Waiver Supported Employment program.  We have two evening crews and one day-time crew at the present time.  Evening crews have seven to eight consumers assigned to them and one staff person.  Daytime crews range from one to five individuals with at least one staff person.  Evening crews generally begin work between 4:30 and 5:30 and sometimes work as late as midnight.  Many of the individuals on the Crews are part of the HCBS Supported Employment program.   We use the daytime janitorial jobs as training for the night crews.


Enclaves can be part of PreVoc and/or Work Services.  These are situations where we have agreed to do a job or series of jobs for an employer and we can take the consumers to do the job at the employer’s site.  We  currently have one enclave in Winterset at a furniture factory and one in Creston at Creston Nursing and Rehab.

Work Adjustment

This program is funded by Vocational Rehabilitation and other third-party payers and is a time-limited one.  It runs for a maximum of 20 working days.  Innovative meets with the counselor and the consumer and jointly determine what we want to find out over a period of usually four to six weeks.  Usually the counselor is interested in things like: attendance, attention to task, what different jobs can the person do, how does the person learn best, how does the person get along with co-workers and supervisors.  At the end of the program, a written report is delivered and suggestions for continued services are included.  This program is not used often but is available.

Community Based Employment Programs

Community Based Assessment

This program is  funded by VR and other third party payers.  It is a program where a consumer can “try out” jobs in the community for short periods of time to see what supports would be necessary for the individual to actually be hired in that job.  CBA’s rarely last for more than two weeks, require a job coach and regular check-ups, and are not expected to lead to employment at the site of the CBA.  At the end of the program, a written report is delivered, including recommendations for continued services.

Supported Employment

This program is funded by both VR and Waiver Services, with Waiver being the primary funder.  If the individual seeking services is eligible for Waiver services, VR will fund only those things that the Waiver will not fund.   The program consists of job development, based on the wishes, desires and skills of the consumer; job coaching to teach the individual to do the job independently; and then “follow-along” services.  Follow-along services are part of Waiver funding and will continue for as long as the person needs them.  Follow-along services are expected by VR for as long as the person has a job and are usually funded by the county.

Selective Placement

This program is funded by VR.  It is for individuals who do not need job coaching, but who may need someone to help them with the interview process and with selecting appropriate jobs to interview for.  We get part of the payment at placement and the rest when they’ve completed 90 days. 

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