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Confidentiality of Information

The staff of Innovative Industries, CARE and SS of SCI will guarantee confidentiality and privacy in regard to treatment, records and discussions of, or about, any people we serve. The very fact that an individual is served by any part of the organization must be kept private or confidential; such disclosure can be made only under certain specified conditions, which are described below, for sufficient reason relating to law enforcement and fulfillment of mission. This means that employees, consultants, volunteers, etc., shall not disclose any information about a person, including the fact that the person is or is not served by this organization, to anyone outside of the organization unless such disclosure is authorized by the individual served, his/her legal guardian, or such disclosure occurs between us and another organization serving the same individual and that disclosure has been authorized. The principle of confidentiality must be maintained in all programs, departments, functions and activities.

These policies are included in the Employee (staff) Handbook.



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