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Consumer Admission

It is the policy of Innovative Industries and its subsidiaries to provide services and supports to persons with disabilities consistent with its mission. Individuals seeking services must have a source of funding to pay for services, whether it is county, state and federal funds, a combination of funds or private pay.

Following the guidelines established by Senate File 69, individuals seeking services at Innovative Industries for day programs and at CARE or Support Services of South Central Iowa for residential services and/or supports must complete an application with the Central Point of Coordination Administrator for the county in which the individual currently resides. The CPC will determine the eligibility of the individual for services and establish what funding sources are available to the individual. If the individual is ineligible for any funding available to the CPC, they may choose to apply for services and pay the established rates for services desired privately.

Most consumers who are deemed eligible for services will be assigned a Case Manager. The Case Manager will contact the Consumer Services Manager and follow the steps outlined below.

It is recommended that the Case Manager contact the Consumer Services Manager at 215 North Walnut Street in Creston, Iowa 50801, (515)782-8495.

The programs will be explained and the prospective consumer interviewed as to his/her interests in the program. If he/she is still interested and meets the criteria listed below to be eligible for the program, a tour of the facility will be scheduled.

If the person is found to be ineligible for funding through the CPC, has a funding source and is interested in services, Innovative Industries and its subsidiaries will conduct its own assessment of need for services. Admission will be determined by a team of individuals, including the consumer and the family member(s) or guardian as well as appropriate staff from Innovative Industries or its subsidiaries.

A physical exam conducted within the last six months prior to admission is required. We require information regarding any prior services, assessments, or training programs be obtained and reviewed prior to making an admission determination.

If admission is deemed inappropriate, the consumer and family or guardian will be notified in writing of the reason the individual will not be admitted. Alternative services and other possible resources will be identified.

The consumer and the interdisciplinary team work together to determine what the individual wants to achieve by participating in the program and to determine placement in the appropriate program. Goals and objectives that will help achieve the consumer’s identified outcomes will be developed by the team.

It is understood that each consumer's case records, staff reports, and evaluator's comments will be handled in a professional and confidential manner that meets local, state and federal confidentiality requirements.

Innovative Industries and its subsidiaries may refuse admission to any individual who is potentially harmful to him/herself or others. Individuals who cannot attend to their own personal needs may be required to provide their own assistance for needed services. Our staff will provide information and assistance in obtaining appropriate help for personal needs if required. Innovative Industries will work with the interdisciplinary team to determine what type of service is best suited to the needs of potential consumers who are refused admission.

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